Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Actress/Model Estella Warren?s Crazy Arrest Deets!

00 ewarren 02 Actress/Model Estella Warrens Crazy Arrest Deets!

Actress/model Estella Warren looks like an angel but apparently is a little devil!� Estella was arrested for DUI, crashing into three cars, kicking a cop, and slipping out of handcuffs and trying to run from police!

Estella Warren was arrested on Monday evening after slamming her Toyota Prius into three parked cars and driving away from the scene.

One man whose car was hit, revealed: ?I was in my house when I heard a bang after 11pm, and when I went outside I saw this woman backing-out after she struck my car.

?I yelled at her, but she drove off and hit my car again as she carried on down the street. I immediately called the police, and when I went outside I could see her car in the distance.

?I believe she hit at least two other cars before she stopped. When I approached her she was obviously drunk and acting crazy.

?A few more residents approached her, but she started yelling and accused us of stealing things from her.

?When I told her she had to wait for the police to arrive she lashed out at me and started to ?girl-slap? me on my chest and arms.

?We tried to calm her down, but she abandoned her car and started walking away to her house which is on an adjacent street to where she hit my car.

?I followed her, and the police arrived and arrested her in the street. She started arguing with them too, and she struck one of the officers.

?To be honest, I felt sorry for her because she was obviously really wasted and would not listen to anybody, but she caused damage to several cars.

Estella, a former Victoria?s Secret model, was arrested for DUI but when she was taken back to the local police station she managed to wiggle out of her handcuffs and ran out of the building during her booking.

Warren has allegedly been charged with felony escape, assault, hit and run and DUI. Her bail has been set at $100,000.

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