No, they're not posing in front of some sort of fun house mirror, these celeb couples have made it work even if they have to grab a step ladder to give their significant others a peck. But dealing with more than a foot of height difference hasn't deterred these couples from calling it a perfect fit.

From Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen to Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko these Hollywood pairs might as well exist in separate hemispheres. But at least these shorties have their own personal top shelf go-getters.

Kim Kardashian who comes in at a whopping 5'2" is currently romancing New Jersey Nets star, Kris Humphries who towers over her at 6'9." But those 19 inches seems to be working for the couple, Kardashian calls Humphries the perfect guy and has even admitted to having thought about every aspect of her wedding day -- for when Humphries finally pops the question.