Monday, May 30, 2011

Katie Price on Alex Reid romance: Chantelle Houghton's welcome to my sloppy seconds

Jordan miffed that Alex is managing to stay in the news

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Katie Price and Alex Reid married in Las Vegas in February 2010

Never pleased to see an ex move on - just ask Peter Andre! -� Katie Price,, 33, has even gone as far as saying that she thinks� Chantelle Houghton will soon dump Alex Reid - just like she did.

Despite her rep's insistence that she wishes the new couple well, a source tells Now: 'Katie dislikes her with a passion.

'People think it goes back two years to when Chantelle was signed to the same management as Pete and at that time, the pair were regularly spotted out and about.

'So when she read about Alex's new relationship, Katie told friends that her ex is just using Chantelle to get back at her and to make sure that he stays in all the headlines.'

Nevertheless, it seems the cage fighter's going full steam ahead.

A close pal adds: 'What really irritates Jordan is that Alex's profile continues to soar without her in his life.'

Last week, Alex, who's clearly milking his celeb status as best he can, flew out to Cannes to promote an as-yet-untitled film he's been cast in.

He was snapped living it up on a yacht and dining with actor Dexter Fletcher, who also stars in the movie. Seeing the pics appears to have wound up Katie.

'She insists she's not jealous,' says a pal.

'In fact, she says Chantelle's welcome to her sloppy seconds as she thinks he's just a fame- hungry loser.'

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