Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Chemical Romance Lead 2011 Kerrang! Awards

My Chemical RomanceMy Chemical Romance are leading this year's Kerrang! Awards with nominations in five categories, including best band.

Readers of the British magazine voted the group's record Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys for Best Album, while the rockers are also nominated in categories for Best International Band, Best Live, Best Single for Planetary (GO!), and Best Video (Na Na Na).

Frontman Gerard Way says in a statement, "The U.K. has always been one of our favorite places to play as band, and we are so grateful for these nominations and the continued support from Kerrang!, its readers and our fans. Thank you for the recognition and we hope to see you this summer."

Jared Leto's group 30 Seconds to Mars picked up nominations in the same categories as My Chemical Romance, apart from the Best Live title.

Avenged Sevenfold are also in the running for Best Album, Best Live and Best International Band trophies, while Bullet for My Valentine and Bring Me the Horizon have also received three nominations each.

Ozzy Osbourne will be honored with the Kerrang! Legend Award at the prize-giving in London on June 9th.

My Chemical Romance

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My Chemical Romance-AAG-000181.jpgMy Chemical Romance-DLL-005267.jpgMy Chemical Romance-AAG-000176.jpgMy Chemical Romance-ADB-009707.jpgMy Chemical Romance-ADB-009697.jpg

Photo Credits: PR Photos , Warner Music Group

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