Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tony Romo & Candace Crawford Getting Married This Weekend!

candice crawford Tony Romo & Candace Crawford Getting Married This Weekend!

Dallas Cowboys? Tony Romo is set to wed sports reporter Candace Crawford this weekend in Dallas!

Tony Romo and Candace Crawford, who is a former Miss Missouri and sister to actor Chace Crawford, will have an intimate wedding at the historic venue Arlington Hall.

Romo and Candace began dating after his split with singer Jessica Simpson in the fall of 2009.

Crawford said of the wedding planning, ?Um, honestly we?re trying to keep it a very private and personal day,? Crawford said. ?I?m one of those girls that loves wedding talk, so I would hate myself right now if I was watching TV cause I?d want to hear about the details, and the dress and the flowers. ? We?re just trying to keep it really sacred and personal.?

Jerry Jones, owner the Dallas Cowboys, had to get special permission from the NFL to attend the wedding because of a rule that prevents owners and players having contact.� Jones said,?I?ve gotten special permission. But more than anything I got the right ticket from him and his fiancee, Romo?s wife to be. It?s one of the prettiest invitations I?ve ever seen?.

Romo?s ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson is engaged to a former NFL player Eric Johnson.

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