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Wanda Sykes: Donald Trump is racist and fame-hungry

Wanda Sykes said she 'would never want to be on' Donald Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

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Wanda Sykes said she 'would never want to be on' Donald Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

Count Wanda Sykes as one of the many people who won't vote for Donald Trump if he runs for president in 2012.

"He's not happy unless he's relevant in some way," she told The Vancouver Sun. "He wants people to be talkin' about him."

"I thought he would be happy enough to finally have a decent season of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Sykes continued, "but, you know, he had to make a little bit more noise than that, I guess."

But the comedienne isn't one of the viewers tuning in to the NBC series and she would never consider an offer to compete.

"I would never want to be on that show," Wykes said. "If I wind up on that show, it's all over for me, I really messed up. I killed somebody. I murdered a whole family."

Birthers, she said, are using the disproven notion that President Barack Obama wasn't born in America as a cover for their racist beliefs.


"I feel sorry for 'em; they're just sad," Sykes said of the growing group of which Trump is proudly a member. "I love that they're hangin' it on 'Well, he's not from this country' when they should just face it: You're havin' issues because a black man is president."

"That's what it is, and you need to deal with that, to work with that," she added.

But when it comes to the almost equally fame-hungry Charlie Sheen, who has been touring the country with a live show, Sykes doesn't view him with the same venomous eyes she does Trump.

"I can't get mad at the person," says Sykes, "because it takes the audience to make them a celebrity."

"But hey, if that's how people want to be entertained, if people want to see a train wreck," she continued, "Charlie Sheen does a really good train wreck."

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