Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Which Kardashian Will Survive the Apocalypse?

We heart the Kardashian clan just as much as some of you love to hate them! But instead of gushing about the goofy and often-glamorous gals, we decided to quiz them on each other: high school yearbook style.

We recently caught up with Kris, Khlo� and Kourtney here at E! Headquarters and had them vote which sis is smartest and sexiest and what not.

First up, we wanted to know, post-nuclear war, which Kardash would the cockroaches still be keeping up with?

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The family votes: Khlo�. Duh!

But in case you haven't seen any of her on numerous reality shows ('cause if you did that claim is hardly debatable), Khlo� is the toughest due to her off-the-charts street-smarts and other brain powers.

We still say she's a force to be reckoned with who would kick the crap out of anybody in her way.

"I'm not like a he-man!" Khlo� defended herself. "I'm just the strongest...I'm incredibly street smart and savvy and like I have common sense and I can navigate everything."

According to the strongest K., her common sense extends to men, whipping up "a good dinner," and just, ya know, "everything!"

Khlo� may have the most street-smarts, but when we pressed her on who's the smartest of the three (after originally claiming that title for herself too), both she and Kris agree that Kourt is the smartest Kardashian overall.

Khlo� spilled, "Kourtney's incredibly book smart and just business oriented."

To which Kourt replied: "Yes. Thank you."

And as for the hottest Kardashian? We're sure we don't even need to ask, do we?

Kim, with a unanimous vote.

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