Friday, June 17, 2011

'El Brad Pitt' -- Arrested for Killing People In Mexico

"El Brad Pitt" is one bad muchacho ... so says the Mexican government -- which arrested the alleged cartel member yesterday for killing a bunch of people.�


Of course, "El Brad Pitt" is just an alias for Marco Antonio Guzman -- who's accused of leading a super violent wing of the Juarez drug cartel in Mexico.

"El Brad Pitt" reportedly got his nickname because he would often dress like Brad's character in the movie "Spy Game" ... wearing a baseball cap, long hair and a camera around his neck to blend in as a tourist.

However, El Brad Pitt and Real Brad Pitt seem to share the same penchant for film -- Guzman allegedly carried out one killing on camera and then uploaded it to a video sharing website.

No bueno.

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