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Cheryl Cole considering Spanish move

25 June 2011

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Cheryl Cole is reportedly considering an offer from ex-husband Ashley Cole to start a new life in Spain.

Cheryl Cole is reportedly thinking of starting a new life in Spain.

The 'Parachute' hitmaker is said to be "hugely intrigued" by a suggestion from her ex-husband Ashley Cole - who was dumped by the Girls Aloud beauty after revelations he cheated on her during their four-year marriage - that he moves to play for a European soccer team and she joins him for a more relaxed pace of life.

A source said: "Ashley has told friends he sees his future abroad and he wants to persuade Cheryl to come with him.

"It all boils down to what Cheryl wants, but the early signs are she would be up for the idea.

But abroad, she could lead her life at her own pace. That's appealing to say the least.

"She's found living in the UK to be fraught especially with so much 'negativity' towards her now.

"But abroad, she could lead her life at her own pace. That's appealing to say the least."

Ashley is also said to be planning to buy new rings for himself and Cheryl - who was sensationally sacked from the US 'X Factor' after just a few weeks - to signify a "new start" if she agrees to his plans.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It's a lovely gesture that he thinks she will really appreciate. A lot has happened over the last few years which they are determined to draw a line under."

While Cheryl's family and friends are said to be furious that she is considering reuniting with Ashley, the soccer star's mother Sue backs the reconciliation.

An insider explained: "Sue consoled her broken son after Cheryl left him and was very unhappy at the time. But she's embraced the idea of the two of them getting back together.

"She knows Cheryl was good for Ashley and has nothing but nice things to say about her because she makes him happy and is the most important thing in Ash's life bar his sport."

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