Sunday, June 19, 2011

Co-Founder and COO of Boticca, Avid Larizadeh, Electrified INSPIRE Conference

London was electric last week with Innovation foremost on everyone?s mind at the INSPIRE Conference.

Launch48, an organization with the aim to bring together participants from different backgrounds and levels of experience in the web industry, is led by Adil Mohammed and Ian Broom. The two technologists are experienced with igniting a ?frantic, energy fuelled, entrepreneurial event designed to engage all participants while offering the opportunity to learn and meet new people?. And that is just how many of the Attendees of the INSPIRE Conference are describing the event.

The main intent of the conference was to create a forum for 30+ inspirational speakers to speak, educate, debate, and form networking connections with industry leaders around the topic of Innovation in Technology, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, from disruptive technologies to the most creative ways of solving the world's pressing problems.

?Innovation, Trends and Thought Leadership are the backbone of every industry, whether it be the Web, Mobile, Creative or Social Entrepreneurship.?

I had the opportunity to continue my search on the source of innovation by sitting down with one of the visionaries speaking at the event, Avid Larizadeh, COO and Co-founder at Boticca, during TheNextWomen hosted breakfast at The Inspire Conference.

Boticca is an online marketplace for independent jewelry designers to sell their designs and has recently sold an undisclosed stake for �1.5m to investors located in Europe, the US and Asia. The company is backed by the founders of Links of London, Bobby Yazdini in Silicon Valley, Digital Garage, and ISAI led the investment round. Avid Larizadeh and her partner, Kiyan Foroughi, have developed a base of over 4,000 different pieces, made by 180 designers from 30 different countries. Plus, roughly 60% of all transactions are intercontinental ? with customers spending on average �100 (or $164) per transaction.

Boticca is more than an online store ? it?s a marketplace. When you buy a piece on Boticca, you buy it directly from the designer, and can interact with whoever created your new piece.

"We process the payment for you so you can buy it securely. And because we select our designers from around the world with extreme care, you can be sure that you are safely buying an exquisite piece of high quality".

Where did the idea for Boticca come from?

How would you describe your relationship with your Co-Founder, Kiyan?

Who has inspired you most in your life?

My 3 words on Avid: Sophisticated... Subtle... Savvy...

Photos from The Next Women hosted Breakfast at the INSPIRE Conference.


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