Thursday, June 23, 2011

Co-Founder of Startupcafe Loves Intellectual Theater

Bela Hamid, Project Manager at and Co-Founder of, glows from the energetic talks on technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship at London's Inspire Conference, held in early June.'s easy to get caught up in that energy and that passion...

I had a chance to speak with Bela about her impressions of the InspireLDN Conference, organized by Launch48. The "intellectual theater" is lit up by Bela as the creative energy keeps growing.

It is no wonder the Startupcafe team, which also includes Thomas Drapier, Kate Ho, Jessica Williamson, and Hilary Singer, are known for their upbeat and quirky sense of humor, as is the "fun and humorous place" for tech, local startup and social media news.


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