Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ice-T And Coco Renew Their Vows [PHOTOS]

Ice-T and Coco celebrated ten years of wedded bliss Friday night by renewing their vows at the W Hotel in Hollywood.� Guests including Tila Tequila, Bishop Majic Don Juan and Snoop Dogg looked on as the gangster rapper and his bride said their ?I Dos? all over again, according to MTV.� At one point, Snoop and the Bishop toasted Ice ?as one of the most successful pimps to take the entertainment industry by storm.?

PHOTOS: Coco Damn Near Pops Out Of Her Wrap Dress

The Law & Order star told that when he met Coco, he was looking to settle down.� However, one can?t dismiss the importance of chemistry:

?I think whenever you meet somebody the first thing is physical attraction,? Ice explained.� ?That?s the first thing you do, you look at somebody and picture: can you imagine being intimate with the person. But at that time in my life I wasn?t really ready for just another lustful adventure. I wanted something a little more. I was ready to slow up and I was trying to find a partner. Honestly, I thought she was too pretty to be, as you would say, domesticated. Like, can we fit at home or is this a girl who just wants to party? But she was like, ?No, I?m ready. Let?s just go snuggle someplace and do home stuff.?

Their new reality show, Ice Loves Coco, premieres June 12th on E!.


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