Friday, June 3, 2011

John Malkovich robbed!

John Malkovich robbed!John Malkovich was in Prague for the Prague Spring International Music Festival to promote his movie Infernal Comedy, in which he plays a serial killer. But it wasn?t all fun and games for the famous director-actor-producer. His hotel room was�burglarized�Thursday and according to local new sources, he lost several documents and a couple of cellphones. Malkovich was not present during the incident and there were no injuries.

?On Thursday evening from a hotel room an unknown thief stole the personal belongings of one of the guests worth several thousand crowns. We are searching for the perpetrators, he could face up to two years in prison,? said the local police.

The hotel manager of the�Mandarin Oriental hotel, where the robbery took place, told the newspaper,�?We can confirm only that is currently under police investigation, which concerns the loss of personal articles of one of our guests. All the information was handed over to police and in the privacy of our guests and that the investigation is still ongoing, I can not disclose more information.?

Malkovich was forced to delay his departure to Poland due to the stolen documents. The investigation is still ongoing.

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