Wednesday, June 29, 2011

KStew?s Co-Writing Mother?s Movie, K-11

Because right now, this project is her baby!

Kristen Stewart is in this weird limbo of her career. She doesn't have any movies in production at the moment and promotion for Breaking Dawn won't get into gear until at least October. What's a girl to do while her boyfriend is off in Toronto and her big franchise flick is actually giving her a break???

Take some time to spend with mom!

According to sources, KStew has finally come back to Los Angeles to stay for awhile and will spend the next few weeks working on her mother's project, K-11. The flick is one the pair have been waiting to get off the ground for years, a story about an autistic transgender who gets thrown in jail and makes some unusual friends and enemies.

So, now Kristen is writing, producing and starring in this venture! Multi-tasking!

Then again, Nikki Reed was doing all that when she was 13 years old so... good luck writing! Lolz!

[Image via WENN.]

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