Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ultimate Warrior Really Hates Hulk Hogan (Video)

uw1 Ultimate Warrior Really Hates Hulk Hogan (Video)

Ultimate Warrior really has a beef with Hulk Hogan and will be releasing an hour-long video rant on June 17, but has provided a teaser video where he airs Hulk?s dirty laundry. Check it out!

In the video teaser, Warrior reveals that Hulk Hogan and his former wife Linda Bollea had an open marriage and that Hulk even tried to get him to sleep with her.

Here?s Warrior?s teaser video:

He also accuses Hogan of bashing recently deceased Randy Savage?s character.� In an interview Hulk did say that Randy Savage had been ?very jealous, when it came to his then wife Elizabeth? and that ?Savage would keep Elizabeth locked up in the house while he was on the road.?

Ultimate Warrior also claims that Hulk is a coke-head!

Hogan has yet to comment on Warrior?s video, but did post on twitter, writing, ?I have no interest to even lower myself to communicate with [Warrior].?

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