Saturday, July 2, 2011

Business Is Personal For Ann Rogan of Loop Solutions

Ann Rogan, Founder & COO at�Loop Environmental Solutions, an organization with a mission to accelerate access to lighting, waste, energy and water solutions for consumers by focusing on innovative marketing and distribution, is committed to serving the energy and water needs of the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP).


In partnership with multiple Indian manufacturers, Loop aims to give customers product choice. �We believe in building on the strengths of existing distribution channels. Loop supports the growth of its community partners by disseminating information on best practices and business models from various regions.

Ann was in Amsterdam at the end of May for SOCAP Europe, the conference where money meets meaning, and was a Spotlight Social Entrepreneur.

Customers tell us they want to power their homes or charge their phones; that their existing options don?t do the job. It?s much easier for a customer to say ?no? when they see only one product, and it doesn?t exactly match their need.

"These experiences have forced me to ask the question: what is the landscape of a social market, where low-income markets are very remote, harder to reach, customers are not well-informed, and returns are split between social impact and financial returns?"

I spoke with Ms. Rogan about her reflections as an entrepreneur.

Don't look at business as business, business is first personal.

What have you learned from your past success?


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