Friday, July 1, 2011

George Anthony Cries on Stand, Implies Daughter Killed Caylee

Yesterday, George Anthony took the stand and defended himself against allegations that he carried on an affair with a woman who was helping him search for his grandchild, Caylee.

Today, he implied that daughter Casey is behind Caylee's death.

George Anthony Testimony

"The car smelled like human decomposition. Caylee was last seen with Casey," George testified, growing emotional. "One and one adds up to two in my mind. I was trying to put all the stories together. "

Casey Anthony shook her head and scribbled notes to her legal team as her father answered questions.

George said he felt a "deep, deep hurt inside" when Caylee's remains were found a couple years ago. He even attempted suicide soon after because "it just seemed like the right time to go, to be with Caylee. To spend time with Caylee. I didn't want to be in this world anymore."

The defense, who is trying to make jurors believe George abused his daughter and that somehow explains her changing story, asked the witness if he ever touched Casey inappropriately.

"Sir, I never would do anything to harm my daughter in that way," he said.


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