Sunday, July 3, 2011

Peter Andre: Princess knows girls aren't allowed in Daddy's bed

Pete won't let Princess and Junior see him with another woman

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Peter Andre doesn't say bad things about Katie Price to his kids

While Peter Andre searches for his ideal woman, he's decided to keep his romances well away from home.

After his painful divorce from Katie Price, 33, Pete dated Elen Rivas, but there was no smooching in front of his kids.

Junior and Princess have never seen Pete in bed with a date.

'It won't happen until I find the woman I'm going to marry,' he tells us.

'I don't want to confuse my kids.

'The other day my cousin Miranda, who helps out with the kids, was making my bed and Princess came in, put her hands on her hips and told her to go out of Daddy's room because girls aren't allowed in there.

'It was very funny.

'My kids have never seen me be intimate with any woman other than their mother.'

Pete, 38, also never criticises his ex in front of their children.

'They'll never hear me saying anything negative about Kate,' he insists.

'If they ask anything, I just talk about something else.'

Read the full interview with Peter Andre in Now magazine dated 4 July 2011 - out now!

Now Magazine Cover 4 July 2011 | Peter Andre Why Am I Scared To Commit | Pictures | Photos | New

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