Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sponsored Post: My Hair Gets Some Summer Sunshine

I have some really big news I wanted to share with you all!

Aly During Shot 3 300x198 Sponsored Post: My Hair Gets Some Summer SunshineFor the month of July, Clairol Natural Instincts has asked me to partake in their 30 Day Daily Refreshment Calendar ? each day, the calendar will feature tips coupled with a challenge focused on nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and beauty.

This is a big deal for me ? I am a creature of over-scheduling and yet curious routine and monotony ? I don?t often try anything new, and hardly ever do anything for myself! The calendar will largely live on the Clairol Facebook page, and each day will find a new way to challenge followers to refresh their routine in a new way ? something I so totally need!

The tips were collected from online influencers, Clairol Color Director Marie Robinson and consumers ? so they are real people, with really busy lives ? who know a lot about life needing a little refreshing!

Aly After Shot 300x225 Sponsored Post: My Hair Gets Some Summer SunshineSo, here?s the OTHER big news: My first challenge was to dye my OWN hair!!!

es, I did so last week ? but I wasn?t allowed to tell anyone until now. Imagine me, having to hide from Twitter when I do anything??? Anything at all??

But I had a date with celebrity stylist (and Clairol Color Director) Marie Robinson at her salon in New York City.

Due to my extreme blondness, no one believes this, but I don?t dye my hair (except for a very unfortunate red highlights incident in college) ? I?ve often been afraid to because of all the chemical relaxing I do. But Marie instantly put my mind at ease, and told me all about what we?d be using on my hair, Natural Instincts Vibrant Collection shade 10 in Extra Light Blonde.

It?s summer, and I am married to my blondness ? I didn?t want to change the color, but I did want to REFRESH it ? as in look brighter and sunnier for summer, and that?s exactly what this did (as you?ll see in the photos and video!)

I was blown away that the process took 10 minutes ? I can?t even order sushi that fast ? the new Vibrant Collection is a permanent hair color option that can lighten your hair two to three levels and provide you with a more transformational change; covering up to 100% grays.

Not that I have gray?yet?I hope. But it?s in my mind!
I was really pleased with the color and the application ? in fact; I did it ALL myself, under Marie?s guidance, and could totally do it myself at home in the future (and will!).

The vain part of me really appreciated the high-quality gloves included for the initial color application, and then you get another fresh pair for the refresher! They totally think of everything.

The Week 2 Color Refresher is a color treatment formulated to refresh hair color with the tones that have faded in the two weeks following the initial hair coloring transformation ? I?ll be using that in two weeks or so and report my findings! Meanwhile, please stay tuned right here on MyGloss, as well as Clairol?s Twitter and Facebook (and mine!) for updates.

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